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Operating in a Lean environment, Virtucom is able to manufacture high quality products at reduced lead times so you get what you need when you need it. The following is a list of the processes we perform:

Custom Fabrication

High quality custom precision sheet metal products and assemblies supporting prototypes and short run requirements to full production orders.

Cutting Services

We determine the most suitable method for cutting the profile of your parts. All our equipment is CN controlled to offer the most efficient and accurate profile possible.

Laser Cutting

We can cut a variety of metals and thicknesses. We can handle large or small runs. All we need is your production-ready digital files.


We provide TIG, MIG, and Spot Welding capabilities.


We provide a complete range of finishing processes including powder painting, sand blasting, clear chromate, zinc, anodizing and screen printing.


For a full description of our tooling capabilities contact our engineering department to discuss your specific requirements.